About Me

IMG_7083I’m still trying to get used to the title, “author.” I’ve just published my first book, Holly and Snowflake Christmas, and I’m waiting anxiously to see how readers react to my novel and writing style. I am a reader first, and as such, I demand a well written work that catches my attention and pulls me in. When I write, I like to picture myself in the book, with everything happening to me. I have a great sense of humor and incorporate this into my characters.

Writing has given me the opportunity to tell the stories that keep popping up inside me. Whether it’s Romantic Suspense, Mystery, or Science Fiction, I love to dive right in and explore the possibilities.

I taught Biology and Science for twenty eight years. In my novels, I call upon that experience when writing vivid descriptions of nature. Writing is very similar to teaching. You need to make a plan, keep it interesting, and use discipline for everything to work.

Happy Reading!

Evelyn M. Timidaiski