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How Am I Doing?

I’ve been taking a WordPress Class for the last two weeks and my website has been undergoing some changes. I thought I’d give everyone a little peek at what’s been happening.

ReturnToSnowflakeBigHere is a picture my daughter made up for me to use as a temporary cover for my upcomng book Return to Snowflake. I think she did a pretty good job. The pressure is on as the complete book is due to the Editors on July 1.  The keys have been smoking lately.

I hope to take a little break in July and attend a family reunion in Seattle. I can’t wait to visit with all my family. I especially look forward to lots of hugs and kisses from my darling granddaughter. Oh–they’re so adorable at 9 months.

I’ve also started a Good Reads Author site. I’d love to have you stop by and check out what’s happening. Ask a question or leave a comment.

Happy Reading!