Holly and Snowflake Christmas

Biker Babe—Ace engineer—Motorcycle Designer, Holly Dunnell has always dreamed of the perfect family Christmas, but never experienced one. When her famous racer father is killed on the track, she steals a priceless prototype and tries to ride away her grief.

Proud Native American Police Chief Andrew Notah works hard to protect the people of Snowflake, AZ, and the nearby reservation. Burned by past experiences, he never expects to meet a woman who will love him and embrace his heritage.

After arresting Holly for speeding recklessly, Andrew is attacked by a cougar. Tending his wounds Holly discovers the real meaning of Christmas and love.

Christmas morning brings a warrant for Holly’s arrest. Andrew must choose between love and duty.

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She sat up and looked at him. Light from the hallway fell across his bare chest. Sculpted muscles rippled across his abs when he moved. She swallowed hard. Her gaze flitted across the hard angles of his face — his jaw clenched. Tension sparked the air, the cold forgotten as he returned her perusal. Aware of her borrowed apparel, her feminine pride wanted to strip the shirt from her body, allowing him an equal view of her own skin.

Boldly, her hand reached to touch his coppery skin.

“No. We can’t do this.” His hand shot out, catching hers before she made contact.

She suppressed a groan of disappointment. “Why? You’re not on duty and I’m of legal age.

His breath rasped as quickly as her own, drawing her attention to his pebbled nipples. Was it cold — or desire?

“It’s complicated. I’m an officer of the law who stopped you for a speeding violation. You’re not here by choice and though this isn’t Snowflake PD, your rights and safety must come first. Bottom line — it wouldn’t be ethical, Holly.”

She bit her lip, wishing she could push the point. Notah was more than a good cop; he was a good man. As much as she would love to taste his lips and feel his skin, it would be wrong to pressure him.

“Well, you and your ethics better build a very large fire. Sike and I will be there momentarily.” She watched him leave wondering if his steps were reluctant.

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