Holly and Snowflake Christmas

Bik­er Babe—Ace engineer—Motorcycle Design­er, Hol­ly Dun­nell has always dreamed of the per­fect fam­i­ly Christ­mas, but nev­er expe­ri­enced one. When her famous rac­er father is killed on the track, she steals a price­less pro­to­type and tries to ride away her grief.

Proud Native Amer­i­can Police Chief Andrew Notah works hard to pro­tect the peo­ple of Snowflake, AZ, and the near­by reser­va­tion. Burned by past expe­ri­ences, he nev­er expects to meet a woman who will love him and embrace his her­itage.

After arrest­ing Hol­ly for speed­ing reck­less­ly, Andrew is attacked by a cougar. Tend­ing his wounds Hol­ly dis­cov­ers the real mean­ing of Christ­mas and love.

Christ­mas morn­ing brings a war­rant for Holly’s arrest. Andrew must choose between love and duty.

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She sat up and looked at him. Light from the hall­way fell across his bare chest. Sculpt­ed mus­cles rip­pled across his abs when he moved. She swal­lowed hard. Her gaze flit­ted across the hard angles of his face — his jaw clenched. Ten­sion sparked the air, the cold for­got­ten as he returned her perusal. Aware of her bor­rowed appar­el, her fem­i­nine pride want­ed to strip the shirt from her body, allow­ing him an equal view of her own skin.

Bold­ly, her hand reached to touch his cop­pery skin.

No. We can’t do this.” His hand shot out, catch­ing hers before she made con­tact.

She sup­pressed a groan of dis­ap­point­ment. “Why? You’re not on duty and I’m of legal age.

His breath rasped as quick­ly as her own, draw­ing her atten­tion to his peb­bled nip­ples. Was it cold — or desire?

It’s com­pli­cat­ed. I’m an offi­cer of the law who stopped you for a speed­ing vio­la­tion. You’re not here by choice and though this isn’t Snowflake PD, your rights and safe­ty must come first. Bot­tom line — it wouldn’t be eth­i­cal, Hol­ly.”

She bit her lip, wish­ing she could push the point. Notah was more than a good cop; he was a good man. As much as she would love to taste his lips and feel his skin, it would be wrong to pres­sure him.

Well, you and your ethics bet­ter build a very large fire. Sike and I will be there momen­tar­i­ly.” She watched him leave won­der­ing if his steps were reluc­tant.

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