Return to Snowflake

This sequel to Hol­ly and Snowflake Christ­mas will debut on Novem­ber 1, 2015. I can’t wait to show you this next install­ment of the Snowflake series.


Thanks, Corbin.”

For what?” He asked.

For being there for us today. I know you’re angry and we still have things to dis­cuss but thanks.”

Shut up, Sara,” he whis­pered as he swept her up in his arms and kissed her. She felt so small in his arms, but oh so right. How many nights had he fall­en into a fit­ful sleep, only to dream of these soft sweet lips? She tast­ed like a small sliv­er of heav­en sent to quench his burn­ing desire. It would take a lot more than a taste to put out these fires. He would need a life­time of her sweet­ness.

Her hands pushed gen­tly but firm­ly against his chest.

You bet­ter leave,” her voice rasped against his cheek as he nuz­zled her neck. 

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